Review: Hockey Made Easy

Website: sales copy
Website (skip the sales copy): go straight in

Summary: This is a classic long-salescopy-buy-my-ebook website. But, hey the ebook is awesome. I bought a copy myself. What follows is my brief encomium to this product.

The product here is: Hockey Made Easy: Canada’s Best Instructional Manual. The author of the manual, John Shorey, has spent decades playing and coaching in Ontario. This ebook is on its sixth or seventh version by now: proof that it has been improved and maintained over time.

Out of respect to John Shorey’s effort I would never give it away. There are chapters available on the internet if you search hard enough. The book is written as a how-to manual for coaches of minor and youth league teams, “parents and players”. For the adult beginner player, it is a tremendous resource. At less than $30, it is peanuts for an adult hockey player. Honestly, if you can afford to play hockey, you can afford to spend $30 on a book that is full of great info.

You can get a preview of the book via Google Books.

Shorey breaks the book into units. For the beginner player, you could start with the earlier units such as “Basic Skills and Equipment”. For the intermediate player, the units in the middle are gold. Seriously. These units are: Shooting and Scoring, Positional Play, Offensive Play, Defensive Play. I know I would like to really learn this stuff and get people on my rec teams to read it, too.

There are diagrams and drills. But really, when was the last time an adult rec team did a real drill? Maybe someone else’s team, but not mine. Luckily, there are lots of tips and rules of play and rules of thumb which when added to your game will make everyone else better.



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